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Learn how to show up as your most confident and clued in self in any room with The Human Decoder, Lisa Mitchell. I help Millennial women crack the code in business and in life using science-based body language tactics. Join me every Wednesday to learn how to read people better and ultimately upgrade your life.

Mar 15, 2019

Fire-starter and movement maker Terri B. Williams challenges us all to do more and make an impact. Terri's list of accomplishments is long, excelling in journalism, as press secretary for a U.S. Senate candidate, and as a professional lobbyist just to name a few. Now she is equipping others to power their presence and to be movement makers too
In this episode, we discuss: 
- why finding your tribe is the best way to elevate your efforts 
- how to get comfortable with making people uncomfortable with your decisions and doing something different than what's expected of you 
- why it's OK to say "No" to opportunities that aren't your highest and greatest points of impact
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